The Origin

It started with one question: “When will my ride get here?” Four years later, we’ve built North America’s favourite transit app and helped millions of commuters to navigate their cities without losing their minds. We dream of happier communities, where multiple modes work together and getting from A to B with Transit is simpler than climbing into a car. Our cities came long before the car, and will still be around after all the cars are gone.

Who We Are

We’re a team of developers, designers and transit nerds who believe technology can make sustainable transport more popular than ever. Whether it's public transit or bikesharing, we believe the revolution taking over our streets will be captained from our phones.

Sam Vermette

Co-Founder & CEO

Guillaume Campagna

Co-Founder & CTO

Jake Sion


Ayser Armiti

Data Science

Anne-Laure Artaud

Product Designer

Justin Asfour

Real-time Data Developer

Pierre-Luc Auclair

Web Developer

Ilias Bhallil

Full Stack Developer

Émilie Bonnier

Product Designer

Juan Borreguero

Real-time Data Developer

Laurence de Villers

Android Developer

Stéphanie Destrempes

Finance Lead

Luc Dion

iOS Developer

Samuel Dionne

Android Lead

Annaëlle Duff

Static Data Developer

Pierre-Olivier Dybman

Android Developer

Alexandre Grégoire

Web Lead

Rodrigo Hausen

Backend Developer

Kaj Huddart

Customer Support

Valérie Lalonde

Graphic Design Lead

Laura Lanzoni

Product Designer

Félix Lapalme

iOS Developer

Sophie Le Blanc

Business Development

Trân-Quân Luong

iOS Lead

Joe MacNeil


Asher Meyers


Stephen Miller


Tim Millet

Data Analyst

Aude Raffestin

Customer Support

Allison Robert

Office Manager

Clément Roulland

iOS Developer

Julien Saad

iOS Developer

Alexandre Savard

Web Developer

Flavien Simon

Android Developer

Florian Soleil

iOS Developer

Katie Thomson

Customer Support Lead

Tristan Tran

Web Developer

Naseem Ullah

DevOps Engineer

Louis Van Craen

Real-time Data Developer

Chloé Wong

Graphic Designer

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